Jersey – Battle of the Rock!

Jersey’s Battle of the Rock. I flew out on my own to enter.

It was my first time flying on my own, so I was super excited!

Flying out to Jersey, I didn’t really know what to expect, but what a weekend, Jersey is somewhere everyone has to visit at least once. Such an awesome place! The water is clear, blue and warm. The people are nice. The weather is great.

I arrived on Friday, about 4:00pm, and was met and hosted by the Axford family.

This is Tim (Dad), Sam, Toby  from Team STAxford. Unfortunately missing Polly (Mum). Photo: Ben Pye

We went and SUP Surfed at St Brelades straight from the airport. It was small, but clean, great fun.

Saturday, Racing at St Brelades. Long Distance was up first, Elite – 14km, Open – 8km and Juniors – 6km, 10’6 Groms – 2km.  Then after lunch, was the Technical, Everyone did the same course, in the shape of an arrow, with a distance of approx 1km. Elite – 5 laps, Open – 4 laps, Juniors – 3 laps, 10’6 Groms – 1 lap.


Photo: Sacha Van Stratan

On Saturday evening, we had a presentation dinner at the Yacht Club, where Jon from Jono’s Watersports presented the Summer Race Series winners, and then Jo Hamilton-Vale from UK SUP Clubs presented Saturday’s UK SUP Club’s Race winners.

Sunday, Racing at Le Braye. With a B.O.P style race. The Course was roughly around 3km, with the Elite – 3 laps, Open – 2 laps, Juniors – 1 lap, 10’6 groms 1/2 lap.


Photo: Sacha Van Stratan

All in all, it was a brilliant weekend, and a huge thanks to everyone who made it possible for me. Starboard SUP UK, SUPboardermag, SUP South West, Jono’s Watersport’s, Flybe, Verity Thomas, The Axford Family, Tim Tredant.

Author: benpye

SUP Athlete, also enjoying Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and Surfing in my free time. I hate wasting time.

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