2015 Highlights.

Wow, what an incredible year. My first year with Starboard, racing, and competing in SUP has gone great. I am really pleased with my results, Starboard have helped and supported me throughout. I have worked on improving my surfing, and gone from never having raced before, to racing in lots of events, which have been great fun, and I have enjoyed immensely. It has been a great learning curve for me.

My year started off with my first ever race, the Celtic Cup in St Ives, Hosted by Ocean Sports Centre. I entered the Cruising Class due to it being my first race, It was a 4km course, and I was very happy with my first place! This event also kicked off the start of the Starboard Tiki Tour, and I spent the weekend with Connor Baxter and Fiona Wylde. Both Starboard international team riders. I learned so much from that weekend!

The next race, was the Exe Hammer, from Exmouth to Topsham, along the river Exe. The Junior fleet in this event was a strong one, with a lot of competition for myself. With Todd and Joe Sawyer from Cornwall, and Blue Ewer from Plymouth, it was a big race for all of us! I finished with a 1st place 12’6, and 2nd overall in the juniors, this was a great finish for me!12032079_1211952602163965_2381647388828708991_n

Then, the event I had been looking forward to for ages, Jersey’s Battle of the Rock! I was staying with The Axford Family for this event, so I had a very determined Sam Axford to compete against. A future champion for sure.

12036515_996553513698197_8221706570459562471_nYou can watch the Technical race from Jersey below.


The next event was the event I had been looking forward to possibly the most, and that was Watergate Bay, UK Surf SUP Nationals. I didn’t do as well as I would have liked, but I was still so happy and learned a lot for future events like this.

The final event of the year was the UK SUP final race, and I guess you could call it my ‘Home Turf’ because Waterborn is the club I am proud to be a part of! I had another very good race, and I really enjoyed the racing at this event.11233089_434625406722902_7763293099668308602_n

I have had such a good year overall, and I am very pleased with my results. I have learned a lot, and gained a lot of experience. I would like to thank Starboard SUP UK, SUPboarder Magazine and SUP South West for all their support this year. Also, a huge thanks to my family for their help and support throughout.

I have a lot more events planned for next year, and I’m really excited for the 2016 season. I also have plans to enter men’s competitions as well as juniors to gain more experience.

Bring on 2016!

Author: benpye

SUP Athlete, also enjoying Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and Surfing in my free time. I hate wasting time.

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