UK SUP Clubs: Stage 8, Jurassic SUP.

Stage 8 of the 2016 UK SUP Clubs National Race Series, Jurassic Coast, Portland Harbour, Saturday 22nd October.

Race Start 


Going into this event, the final of the series, I was in a good position overall. I needed a good result, around 2nd, to get a 2nd in the 12’6 Men’s Overall for the year.

The race was roughly 7km, with one large lap at the start, going into 5 smaller laps.

Big Lap course.
Small Lap course.

The race start was a 100m dash straight upwind, to a left hand buoy turn. After the start I was instantly chasing. With Mo Guy, Robin Williams and Jon Smith ahead of me, I had to catch up with Mo to get a solid end result in the series.  The course had quite a bit of choppy upwind/downwind ocean conditions, which definitely played into my favour. In the first mile there was a very fun downwind section, which helped me pull back a few places after not a great start. I managed to overtake Jon and Robin, but I was still chasing Mo.

Photo: Jo Pye

Once I caught Mo, I had a good battle with him.  I was on the front for one lap, and that definitely taught me something.

Photo: Georgia Wharton Photography

This was an awesome event to finish the season on! I think it was one of the best events of the year!

I finished with a second to Mo, and a second overall in the series. I’m stoked to get a second in the Men’s 12’6, with this being my first year in the Men’s. I also won the UK SUP Award of Rookie of the Year!

Photo: Georgia Wharton Photography

I would like to thank my incredible family and friends for all their support this year as it would never have been possible without them. I would also like to thank all my sponsors for their incredible support this season, Starboard SUP UK, SUPboarder Magazine, West Country Surf Wax, Standuppaddleuk. I can’t wait till next year!

Photo Credits: Jo Pye, Georgia Wharton Photography.

Author: benpye

SUP Athlete, also enjoying Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and Surfing in my free time. I hate wasting time.

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