Tenerife 2017

Every year, around the time of Christmas and New Year, we try and escape the darkest months of the UK in search of some wind, waves and warm weather. We usually head to Tenerife, with the small town of El Medano delivering some epic conditions for all the sports we love to do as a family.


So as usual, this year we took it all, Windsurf, Kitesurf, SUP Surf, Shortboard, and the last two years with the help of Starboard SUP UK, we have been able to take the latest Astro Racer 12’6 Inflatable.  The benefits of taking all this gear, is being covered for whatever conditions we get, however the downside, as anyone who has travelled with Sports Equipment will know, was the cost!  I would like to thank RyanAir for getting us there safely and all our gear undamaged.

The 12’6 Astro Racer was awesome to get some race training in whilst I was out there, it was great to have it out there with us, the downwinders are pretty epic out there too, so it was perfect for that.

We also had a very good south swell whilst we were out there, which is very rare, giving us swell almost every day! Although because the spot is often windy and it was every day, the surf is not perfect clean offshore wind, so I took my Starboard Hypernut out there for the trip which was perfect because it’s very stable in the chop, but also gives me insane performance on the wave.



The wind was good as well. We had 5 days of 4.0/3.3m weather in a row, it was so fun!


At the end of the trip I made a film highlighting the things I got up to. Check it out on my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLQuHe6eiPo

As always, thanks to all my incredible sponsors for the continued support. Starboard SUP UK & Ireland, SUPboarder Magazine, Standuppaddleuk, West Country Surf Wax.

Author: benpye

SUP Athlete, also enjoying Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and Surfing in my free time. I hate wasting time.

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