My 2017 race season so far, Worlds and Euros.

So this year so far has been the best race season yet of my career. I have travelled lots to race abroad, and also raced a lot around the UK. It has been a blast and it’s not over yet.

So on the 10th of May, i received a message from Glenn Eldridge, the Team England SUP team manager. I was given the opportunity to represent my country for the first time in my career as a senior. In 2015 I represented the UK at the N1SCO World Championships, but this was next level. I was going to be racing in Peniche, Portugal at the European Championships. Pretty cool right? a dream come true. It was an incredible week, with the event running at the famous surf break of Supertubos in Peniche.

I raced the technical and the distance race, with the technical being a 4km race, in and out of the pumping overhead surf at Supertubos, with a BOP style race format, where i placed 9th, which is probably my best result ever. The distance race was a 16km downwind course, from Berlingas Island back to the mainland, but unfortunately the conditions didn’t play ball, and it ended up being a ‘nowinder’ which made it even harder with the heat, and it being a long distance.

So that was my experience of my first European Championships, I was fired up for more international competition.

After that, the next event for me was the qualifiers for the ISA Worlds in Denmark. I got a 3rd in the long distance to Ollie Shilston in 1st and Glenn Eldridge in 2nd. I then battled the whole of the technical race with Damian Warner to just miss out on 2nd up the beach. Glenn took the win. So that was my Team England qualifiers over, i got a third both days, and it was the top two who went to the worlds. I had unfortunately just missed out on the chance.. or at least that was what I thought. Unfortunately Ollie Shilston became injured, in the run up to the worlds, and decided he wasn’t able to go, so I was the next up. I was going to Copenhagen, Denmark to race against the world’s best in the distance race at my first ISA Worlds.

I had a super fun race at the worlds, I learn’t a lot about myself during the 20km race.

So that is my 2017 Race season so far, I am currently back at home, training still for the last couple of races of the season, looking forward to putting the race board away for winter and bringing back out the surfboard, and kite and windsurf gear.

Keep up to date with my last couple of races coming up on my facebook page.



Author: benpye

SUP Athlete, also enjoying Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and Surfing in my free time. I hate wasting time.

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